WELCOME to EXHALE, my name is Candace Hornung.

At EXHALE it is my pleasure to offer you luxurious, holistic treatments at affordable prices. I am a certified practitioner of hot stone massage, raindrop aromatherapy massage and myofacsia cupping.

I have always been interested in holistic health and alternative healing modalities, whether yoga, meditation, nutrition, or essential oils. Leaving my twenties, I began to become more serious about my health and started to study healthy ways of relieving stress and anxiety. I began realizing that self care is not an indulgence but is the cornerstone of a healthy life style. Unmanaged stress and anxiety wear on our system and contribute greatly to many illnesses. Wellness modalities such as those here at EXHALE offer tremendous benefit to our physical, emotional and spiritual health.

I received my certification in hot stone massage, raindrop therapy, and myofascia cupping through Oceans massage in Saskatoon. Oceans massage in Calgary provided my training for Swedish relaxation massage. I plan to expand my knowledge with essential oils and varied massage and healing modalities. I love sharing what I have learned, and being able to help relieve stress and discomfort for others has been very rewarding.

It is my pleasure to serve you.