How is Myofacsia cupping different than traditional Chinese cupping?

The Chinese tradition of cupping uses glass cups and fire to create negative pressure and suction on the skin. The cups stay stationery and are intended to work as a detox for the body addressing qi problems and blood stagnation. Myofascia vacuum cupping uses cups which have a valve on the top and a hand operated pump which allows more control over the amount of suction. This modernized technique uses moving cups and primarily focuses on treating fascia, the webbing surrounding tissues and muscles.

Will I get red marks and bruises during a cupping treatment?

Depending on the person, some people will see red marks after their first treatment. Light red marks are actually a good thing as it indicates release of intense stagnation of fluids and toxins. It is not a bruise and will fade in 1-3 days. It is very unlikely to reoccur in the same place with regular treatments.

Are cupping treatments painful?

Cupping has a sedating effect on the nervous system, and many people find it profoundly relaxing, pressure may be felt while cups move over tight areas, pressure can always be adjusted. After a cupping treatment, clients typically report feelings of relief, muscular release, lightness, and an increase in flexibility.

Are you a certified aroma therapist?

I am not a certified aroma therapist and therefore can not prescribe oils. I have been certified in raindrop therapy through oceans massage out of Calgary. My training is in the theory, properties, benefits and risks of oils used in this therapy along with methods of application and practicums with follow up on clients. I only use therapeutic grade oils which I have been trained to use. I use a carrier with my oils and communicate with clients before, during and after treatment to ensure that they are getting what is right for them. I am confident that my clients receive safe, healing care and all of the many benefits these oils offer.

Why is it important to drink water after a treatment?

Water flushes the toxins released during a session. When toxins are not flushed they build up creating muscle pain and aches.